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Course Information:

  • Virtual courses held on Microsoft Teams.
  • Taught by 800 SAT Centers teachers.
  • Virtual course (Orange Module) will begin on 4/12/2021 and end on 5/1/2022
  • Each AP Course Module is 18 hours long, covering a certain module topic.
  • Class schedule will be available 2-4 days before course start date.
  • Study Guide will be given FREE with any virtual course purchased.
  • Study guide will remain in your profile for 8 weeks ONLY.
  • This Module is part of a 4 module program .


Steps for Joining:

  1. Look at the top right on this page, Please register if you still do NOT have an account on our website. However, If you do have an account please Log in.
  2. (Reminder to keep your log in details somewhere safe)
  3. After you are logged in, add to your cart the virtual course that you would like to attend with us.
  4. Proceed to check out.
  5. Once your purchase is successful, you can check in your profile that your registration is complete.
  6. Within 48 hours after the purchase you will receive an email from our side providing you with:
  • Tutorial on how to use Microsoft teams.
  • Your own personal username and password for your Microsoft Teams account (This will be created by us so you do not need to create anything)
  • A confirmation that the study guide has been added to your 800 SAT CENTER Account.

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AP Green Module:

Biology: Ecological, Physics: Mechanics, Chemistry: Structure of matter, Calculus: Limits and Continuity, Politics: Communists and Post-Communist Regimes, Psychology: Sensory & emotional, Environmental Science: The Living World, Economics: Economic indicators & markets